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“GMT”, Golden Machine Tools Company is an established designer and builder of machines and tools. Products include crimp presses, specialized machine components and perishable tooling.

GMT is committed to develop highly efficient, low cost machines and machine tools to corner the need of the wiring harness industry. We consider our success in helping wiring harnesses manufacturers is the result of continuous product development through extensive research and development, and imports substitution programmes with advantages of resources and Real Time Experience.

A continuous growth has proved GMT one of the leaders in research, design, manufacturing and marketing of crimping machinery tools. Our continuous research and development is a fundamental part of the company and product improvements are constantly being implemented to increase the technical capabilities of the machines.

We have a seasoned technology bent-minds working constantly on making machinery at affordable prices yet serving purpose for all. We also have state of the art facilities for making the machinery trendy and sophisticated.

An accurately programmed control unit to ensure smooth and sequence operations will avoid tool breakage and possible injury to operator. Precision machining of machine & machine parts hold fast dimensional tolerances during long run production, enhanced applicator performance ensures payless operations.